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I’m Chuck Bond owner operator of Chucks Adaptive Bodybuilding Team. I married my high school sweetheart (Jennifer)in 1996. And 25 years later we are going strong. We had our one and only child in 1998 (Brady).

I started lifting later in life. I was mid twenty’s when I got with it steadily. I spent the next 20 years building my physique. I went back and forth from bodybuilding to power lifting, even a bit of cross fit. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2013 which derailed everything. In late 2014 I had a stroke and again derailed. From then until 2019 I gave up on my favorite hobby bodybuilding. I gained so much weight I was 337 pounds at my heaviest. I then said its time for a change. I spent the next 2 years building the physique I had once had. My true love and passion was and has always been bodybuilding.

I’m now in my mid 40’s and trying to reach my goal I had set 20 years ago. Which was to compete in a bodybuilding show. From 2019 to December 2021, I built a physique that I was actually proud of. Which meant a lot because I’m my worst enemy for judging myself. Dec 6 2021, I was 8% BF and getting ready to compete in my first show. Was going to start prep January 2, 2022. Everything was going amazing. We had picked a show for April 2022. I looked and felt amazing all the stars were lining up.

December 24th, Christmas eve my whole world and way a life started to change. A very long story. Here’s the short version. (if anyone wants more details feel free to contact me). I got very sick move forward to the 27th after being sick for 3 days over Christmas of course. I had pain in my legs and feet that was terrible. I had been to the doctor twice at this time. Every time they told me it’s just body aches. Finally on the 30th I went to the instacare and told the doctor my legs and feet are on fire something is wrong I can hardly put weight on them. His first reply was issue pain pill is a lot more strict now sir. I said did I ask for pain pills??(sent home with call me after the holiday if not better) So now home again no clue what’s going on. Then the blow up. I woke up January 2. Went to get out of bed and could not stand. So now skip ahead 13 days I left the hospital a incomplete T6 paraplegic. What a mess derailed again.

3 months later I am totally depressed wondering why me. Had not even thought about lifting only thing I was doing of any enjoyment was going to work. After thinking life was over my wife says lets go to the gym. That always keep you happy and helped with stress. I was like really your funny. You see this chair I’m in. It took some time but I finally went it sucked a million times harder than before. I left and said I wont do that again. Funny thing is I got home and started researching wheelchair bodybuilding. I went back to the gym the next day, and the next, and haven’t stopped.

What I found out is. The gym is my church. I learned how to do all the things I done before just modified. I finally felt hole again. I also realized I love teaching, sharing my story. Coaching, and helping anyone who wanted help. I wanted to build a site, business, hangout spot. For people with disabilities like myself. Not a pro bodybuilder spot, but a place for normal everyday people who just want to lift share ideas and have a community to interact with. Hence the start of Chucks adaptive bodybuilding team. We are a team there’s no separation from guy and gals. Expert to new be we are all one team. 

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